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Evelyn Rodstein’s Unique Coaching Combination — Human Insight and Business Acumen

Evelyn Rodstein honed her business acumen in her career as a C-Suite Talent executive in Fortune 100 companies where she worked with literally thousands of executives. Her human insight comes from her early years as a clinically-licensed therapist.

Evelyn Rodstein Delivers Lasting, Real-World Results

  • Maximizing executive leadership potential.
  • Building superior team performance.
  • Creating organizational initiatives that transform companies.

About Evelyn Rodstein

Evelyn Rodstein has a wide-ranging executive coaching & consulting practice. She is a recognized authority in Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Leadership Development, Talent Management, and Organizational Transformation. She has a unique experience set that combines her years as a senior executive running corporate leadership/talent departments and an earlier career as a licensed individual & family therapist.  She has business acumen as well as a deep knowledge of the interpersonal skills leaders need to run companies successfully and thrive. She understands how to help individuals reach their full potential and how to guide organizations through change.

Consulting Services Provided

Executive Coaching

  • CEOs and C-Suite Executives.
  • High potentials in managerial or professional/technical career tracks.
  • Executives taking on more senior roles with broader scale and complexity.

Team Effectiveness

  • Coaches leadership teams at all levels.
  • Designs and facilitates strategy and team off-sites.
  • Coaches teams over multi-year periods to adapt to changing business needs.
  • Helps individuals grow while developing more effective dynamics for the whole team.

Organizational Transformation

  • Created award winning leadership and talent programs for thousands of executives, including winning America’s “#2 Best Company for Training.”
  • Transforms businesses by helping leaders align strategy, leadership, culture, organizational design, and performance management.
  • Creates scalable leadership development and talent programs.
  • Expert in complex global mergers & acquisitions, culture change, large-scale organizational redesign, cross-silo collaboration, and customer focus.
  • Experienced in onboarding new C-suite executives and implementing strategic change.

Evelyn has taught graduate school, published original research, and co-authored a major textbook. She has been a valued speaker at the Conference Board and done several global simulcasts for IBM. She has been a board member of the New York Human Resources Planning Society, The Conference Board Council on Executive Development, and the Wharton Advisory Board for Executive Education and the New York City Leadership Academy.

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